F.O.D. Prevention

Foreign Object Damage

Foreign Object Damage (F.O.D.) is the leading cause of equipment failure. Complex pieces of machinery have many ports, inlets, outlets, turbine blades and sensitive computer circuitry that need to be protected during the lengthy process of both building and maintenance of the equipment throughout its life cycle.


F.O.D. protection has a broad spectrum of applications that require an equally broad assortment of materials. We utilize an array of textiles to match the varying needs of our customers. From lightweight vinyl, polyethylene, and high density foams to ultralight microfiber, we have something that will meet your requirements.

Big and Small

From large openings, like jet engine fan case intakes, to a 3 inch diameter outlet, we can design a cover that will span whatever distance is required.

Delicate Surfaces

The extensive work we have done for the military and large aerospace companies has introduced us to many unique challenges. Specialized enamels and delicate interfaces require additional measures to prevent not only foreign object damage but damage from repeated use. Our F.O.D. covers and plugs can be customized to protect these vital areas, saving money that would otherwise be required for replacement or refinishing.

Sweating the Small Stuff

Dust can be as harmful as metal shaving and impact damage when it comes to complex components. We manufacture a number of dust covers designed specifically for this issue. Made from soft and lightweight microfiber, these covers are ideal for quickly covering components during the initial build phases as well as while performing maintenance and overhaul on your equipment.