Preservation Bags

Preservation Bags

Preservation Bags create a stable environment for advanced and sensitive equipment that will not be used for extended periods of time. Ours are made from a vinyl with a very low vapor moisture transmission rate, and coupled with a special closure system designed to create a seal all the way around the engine. This serves one important purpose – to prevent damage due to humidity. The ideal preservation bag creates a contained and controlled environment  for monitoring and regulating humidity levels through use of desiccant.  

Vapor Moisture Impervious

UITP Long-Term Storage Covers are constructed from a Vapor Moisture Impermeable vinyl material, or VMI,  specifically created for a low vapor transmission rate. The covers are sealed together using both forced hot air and RF sealing methods, to ensure there are no stitches for moisture to find its way through the membrane.


Our bags must be able to open and separate in order to engulf your equipment for ease of installation. This creates the problem of how to effectively seal the membrane back up. For this task we use a specially designed closure system that, when connected, creates a vapor lock seal. We also utilize airtight zippers to allow easy access to our preservation bags for desiccant change out, maintenance, and monitoring checks.

Humidity Control

Effective preservation of equipment requires the creation of a contained atmosphere that can be controlled to protect equipment vulnerable to corrosion. To accomplish this we use desiccants to regulate moisture levels within the cover, as well as humidity indication technology designed specifically for monitoring controlled environments.


 The price of sustaining an advanced piece of equipment for an extended period of time can be quite expensive. Solid containment systems come with a high price tag, and can create the burden of shipping and storing these bulky units when they are not in use. The VMI that we use for our covers is a perfect alternative to aluminum or steel used to create solid storage systems. Our Preservation Bags can be neatly folded into a compact size and shipped with a cradle. Wherever your unit goes, its cover can go too, without adding additional overhead.