Helicopter Covers

Helicopter Covers

Aerospace is a broad and diverse industry. Helicopters have special needs unique to their form and function. United Industrial Textile Products designs its covers to meet those needs head on.

F.O.D. Covers

Inlets and outlets are prevalent in helicopter engines and these openings need to be blocked during the build and maintenance of this complex machinery. Our F.O.D covers are made from light vinyl and are designed for ease of installation and removal during these processes.


Traditional F.O.D. covers are ill equipped to deal with wind and heavier debris that will be present in field conditions. UITP’s plugs are made of durable vinyl and heavy duty closed cell foam to protect the intakes and exhaust ports from damage.

Rotor Blades

The Rotor Blades are an expensive and integral part of the aircraft, therefore protecting these from damage both while shipping and out in the field is of the utmost importance. We make our rotor blade covers of 18oz vinyl, that is bonded to open cell foam for durability. We then add a felt lining to protect the blade from scratches and dings, ensuring that the fit and finish you worked hard to achieve will last for years to come.

Shipping Covers

Durability is a must when it comes to shipping a large airframe across the country. This is why we create our helicopter covers from heavy vinyl, and custom fit them to your aircraft. This allows us to achieve both a high level of protection and ease of application. Our helicopter shipping covers are the smart way to protect your investment from everything that Mother Nature will throw at it.