Shipping Covers

Shipping Covers

We understand that the equipment that our customers are shipping across the country and the world represents their hard work, dedication, and a large financial investment. That is why it is our goal to provide protection and peace of mind that your equipment will be safe on its journey.


We build our shipping bags out of a heavyweight vinyl coated nylon. Strong yet pliable, this material is perfectly suited to handle the harsh road and weather conditions that your equipment will face as it travels to its final destination.

Dual Layer Protection

UITP shipping bags have not one, but two layers of protection. The outer bag is made from heavyweight vinyl coated nylon to protect from dirt, rain and snow. While the inner bag, built from a lightweight woven polyethylene, acts to protect the more delicate components from dust and debris.

Form and Function

Our bags are designed with ease of install in mind. The requirements our bags have to meet can vary a great deal from application to application. Stands and Shipping bucks interface in different locations creating their own unique challenges. We engineer our bags to not only meet these demands but also take into account the installation of these bags.


We not only make it work, we make it yours. We have the ability to silkscreen logos, artwork and text onto your cover.