Reconditioning Services

Reconditioning Services

Over their lifetime, our covers face a great deal of abuse while protecting your investment. We offer reconditioning services on many of our shipping and long-term storage covers to provide you with extended protection and value.


The road can be a dirty place. As UITP covers travel from place to place they are collecting all the dust, grime, and grease that would otherwise end up on your equipment. Fortunately, we offer a full cleaning service where we will remove everything that Mother Nature decides to add to our bags.


All covers that come back to us are thoroughly inspected to confirm that they are serviceable. Our reconditioning technicians go over every seam, every closure and zipper to make sure that nothing is missed.


Any problems or non-serviceable areas that are discovered during our inspection process are repaired or replaced as needed. Nothing leaves our service area until it both looks and functions as it was originally made.


Our reconditioning services can extend the life of your cover for years to come, eliminating the immediate need to purchase a brand new one.

UITP dives deeper into the Reconditioning process in our blog post: Extend the Value of Your Engine Cover with Reconditioning.