Extend the Value of Your Engine Cover with Reconditioning

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UITP covers are designed to protect your investment from the rigors of the road during shipping, or dust and debris during storage. So what happens when your cover needs, well, a little coverage? Enter reconditioning services. 

Your engine cover withstands heavy use and abuse over the course of its lifetime. You can extend the protection it provides and add value to your investment by sending it back to UITP for some TLC. The reconditioning process begins  once your cover is received into our facility. It receives a thorough cleaning to remove the dust, grime and detritus that has accumulated. 

The cover is inspected to confirm that it is serviceable and able to be repaired. Our technicians closely examine each seam, closure and zipper. Any problem areas discovered during the inspection process are repaired or replaced as needed. Once the cover looks and functions as it was originally made, it is sent on its way back to your facility. 

Reconditioning services are offered on many of our products. In addition to the exceptional customer service and quality results UITP customers are accustomed to receiving, many have found that the cost-savings of reconditioning makes a big impact on their bottom line. By extending the life of your cover for years to come, reconditioning services eliminate the immediate need to purchase a new one. 

Contact us to speak with one of our experienced technicians to learn more about the reconditioning process, and to see if it is a good fit for your company.

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