Wayne Perry has been involved with the Society of Automotive Engineering, Aerospace Division, Packaging, Handling, Shipping and Transportation Section for over 24 years. Wayne has been instrumental in creating specifications for long term storage systems for aircraft engines using heavy-duty waterproof sealed vinyl bags.

His expertize has helped define the standard which most company and military engines are protected during transit and storage when shipped. The use of these bags has lowered the cost of shipping and the need for high priced sealed metal shipping containers. The use of the bag system has provided years of dependable service for companies like Pratt & Whitney and Boeing.

SAE is grateful for having a strong partner like Wayne Perry. Besides his input in creating specifications for SAE, Wayne’s years of fabricating experience has afforded many engine programs. With his input the Airforce has seen cost reductions in their engine maintenance program which can be attributed to superior humidity protection from using engine bags design and manufactured by UITP.

Bruce Grassano, Bruce Grassano SAE Chairman Age-2D PHS&T Committee