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The global pandemic has been felt across many industries, requiring companies to make quick decisions to keep pace with an ever-changing market. The aerospace industry is facing its own unique set of challenges with aircraft being parked for longer periods of time. At UITP, we’ve noticed an increase in demand for long-term storage solutions for large-scale precision equipment, such as engines. 

The ideal long-term storage solution will create a stable, controlled environment for an advanced and sensitive piece of equipment. We use a Vapor Moisture Impermeable vinyl material, or VMI, material to create our flexible, long-term storage covers. This material was designed for a low vapor transmission rate. The application of forced hot air and RF sealing methods allows the covers to be pieced together with minimal stitching for moisture to find its way through the membrane.

Here in New England, we are looking forward to the arrival of warmer weather. In our neck of the woods, the warmer weather also brings challenges around the mitigation of the effects of  summer humidity. Through the use of desiccants and humidity indicating technology, we’ve found a way to monitor and regulate moisture levels within the storage system.

When the time arrives for aircraft to resume operation with greater regularity, the long-term storage system will not be needed. Our VMI long-term storage cover is a flexible alternative to the aluminum and steel used to create a solid containment system. The long-term storage cover can be neatly folded and shipped with the cradle, going wherever your unit goes, without the added overhead.

If a UITP long-term storage system sounds like something that could solve a few headaches around your facility, contact us to speak with one of our experienced craftsmen. We are open, operational and look forward to meeting your storage requirements!

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